Wednesday, June 28, 2017 | By: Nurul Fajry Maulida

Those Yellowing Leaves

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One by one, those yellowing leaves fell, swung to the ground. There is no one who knows which one will fall first. One fell faster because it was eaten by the worm. One fell to the ground secondly because it was bumped by the wind. Another one fell hereafter to the ground because it was picked by a snot-nosed kid. 

Two beloved fresh green leaves, located on the same twig with the other leaves which have been yellowing and have fallen earlier, at this time both are becoming yellow as the time goes by. There is a feeling of worry that those two beloved leaves will fall. Certainly. 

The greenest, smallest, and youngest leaf is located really near to those two beloved leaves. Both have taught numerous things to the youngest leaf. How to catch the air, how to befriend with the butterfly, how to hold tightly to the twig, and so on. 

There is a wish to get yellowed together. There is a wish to always be in side by side. There is a wish to listen to the eminent chant of the wind blowing together. There is a wish to stare the glare of the blazing sun together. There is a wish to dance together with the twig wobble. Nevertheless, the youngest leave and those two beloved leaves are in different time zone. Will they always be side by side together and do every kind of things together until the end?

Those two beloved leaves which have been yellowing, at first were really close to other leaves that have been fallen earlier. Those falling leaves which have been fallen one by one, made them lose their strength to survive. Will they still be able to hold on the twig tightly? In the end, they will only be able to wait. Waiting for the answer to come by itself.

The youngest leaf insists on keeping doing everything together. The youngest leaf does not want to fall. The youngest leaf still wants to stare the wonder of the moon in the night together. The youngest leaf does not want to be left behind. The youngest leaf still wants to be in side by side together.

What can the youngest leaf do for the two beloved leaves?

Other four bigger leaves that are also located near to the two beloved yellowing leaves are busy playing with the butterfly. The fall of the yellowing leaves one by one, were not made them interested. Those colorful butterflies were more interesting than listening to the cricket song in the night together with those two beloved leaves.

Different with the youngest leaf. The youngest leaf keeps on insisting on enjoying every moment together with those two beloved leaves. Even though, it has to share its carbon dioxide (since those two beloved leaves are not as strong as when they were green to catch the carbon dioxide), although it has to put on weight his leaf directly to the blazing sun (since those two beloved leaves are easy to frail by the sunlight), although it has to share its water brought by its  xylem (since those two leaves' xylem is not as strong as before which can bring the water from deep inside the ground and move it up to the twig more than 3 meters above the ground surface). These things are done by the youngest leaf just only to be always together with the two beloved leaves, to convince both that they are still able to grip strongly to the twig, to give hope that both are still be able to survive.

What else that the youngest leave can do?

Time is time, no one can blame the time. Everything has been arranged by the Almighty One that is having the time. 
Monday, June 26, 2017 | By: Nurul Fajry Maulida

How To Make Lidah Kucing Cookies

Eid Mubarak has come in the end of June 2017. Some cookies must be provided on the table by every Indonesian Moslem family who celebrates it, Lidah Kucing cookies are one of the popular cookies served for the guests who come to visit. Literally, Lidah Kucing in English is "the cat tongue", why is it called by the cat tongue? Because the cookies which are really thin, flat, and oval are resembling the form of the cat tongue. 

To make Lidah Kucing cookies according to my reference, you have to prepare:

1) 200 gr of butter
2) 4 eggs
3) 200 gr of wheat flour
4) 200 gr of refined sugar
5) 1 teaspoon of vanilla
6) coconut oil
7) chocolate bar (if necessary)

Besides the ingredient, you have to make sure that you own the cooking equipment which are: 
1) Oven
2) Mixer
3) Lidah Kucing mold (if you don't have this specific mold, you can use another alternative mold that can create the same form or any kind of form, it's up to you, importantly, it can be eaten hehe.

The procedure:
1) While preparing the dough, you can prepare by heating the oven up to 140 degrees Celcius.

2) Mix the butter and refined sugar well. For the first time, as a beginner, you may feel worried because when you see the dough, you may think it's impossible to be mixed. However, don't be worried because as the times go by and you keep stirring it, finally the dough can be mixed well. You can end the mixing when you see the dough color becomes white. If its color is still yellow, keep stirring it. The white of the dough color is the sign that the dough has been well mixed. 

butter and refined sugar

It's not mixed enough, continue stirring it

Well mixed

3) Add the eggs one by one, after that, add the vanilla. Mix it well. When you mix it with the eggs, you may find the dough becomes coarse. It's not the indication that you fail, it's just one of the process. Until you add the wheat flour (step no. 4), it will become well mixed again.

the coarse mixture after being added by the eggs

4) Add the wheat flour gradually and mix it well. 

The dough becomes well mixed again after being added by the wheat flour

5) Prepare the mold by smearing it with coconut oil. You can use another ingredient like butter since the use of this coconut oil is just to lubricate so the cookies can be taken out easily. I avoid using butter because I don't like the taste of excessive butter in my cookies so it's okay to use butter according to your taste. 

6) Pour the dough, into the mold. Consider filling it not fully, since the dough will swell during the heating inside the oven. If you pour it fully, I'm worried that the dough will spill over. 

When you pour it fully, the dough will swell and spill over during the baking process

if you do not pour it fully, it will swell and fill the mold appropriately in the end of the baking process

7) Now, the Lidah Kucing cookies are ready to be served. Generally, you can finish the cooking until this step and put them inside the jar. If you still want to add another appropriate flavor to your cookies, I recommend you to add some chocolates to your cookies. 

Cookies after being taken out from the mold

8) You have to heat the chocolate bar until melted. Then, pour the melted chocolate over the cookies or put the cookies in the melted chocolate. 

Dyeing the cookies into the melted chocolate

9) Finally, the Lidah Kucing cookies with chocolate are ready to be served. Put it in the jar and serve it to the guest who comes to visit your family. Have a nice holiday of Eid Mubarak :D

Sunday, June 18, 2017 | By: Nurul Fajry Maulida


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A heavy rain
With a huge tornado
Strong wind
Followed by boisterous thunder
And super luminous lightning
Will that big tree be able to stay upright?

Dark sky
Great storm
Sturdy wave 
Deep sea
And gloomy night
Will that yellow ship be able to stay on the sea surface?

Blazing sun
Numerous not moving vehicles
Fussy horn
Hot and dehydrated
Will that old lady be able to stay awake?

Hundreds of shots
Tens of bomb blasts
Red fire
and full of smoke
Will that innocent child be able to stay alive?


Every living thing has their own road
Patience is required
Hurry is prohibited

Put your arm up
Open your fist
Loose your hairband

See your eyes
Put your ear
and show your smile

Believe in One
It will come....

When the rain stops
the wave becomes tame
The traffic police comes
and the world peace is highly respected

Like a flower grows from the seed
A bird dances in the sky from an egg
A walking baby learns to walk from crawling

Walk with the watch
Sleep on the couch

Listen to the soul song
avoid King Kong



Just believe in One,
then, you will see...